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Sara Smile

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Urban Funk
Daryl Hall & John Oates


"Sara Smile" is the title of a song written and recorded by the American musical duo Hall & Oates. It was released in January 1976 as the second single from their album Daryl Hall & John Oates. The song was the group's first Top 10 hit in the US, reaching number four on the Billboard Hot 100. In late 2009, American country music singer Jimmy Wayne released a cover version with a backing vocal from the duo. In 2012, the British singer, Rumer, released a cover version on her album, Boys Don't Cry.[1] That album is entirely populated by songs written by male songwriters in the 1970s.


Baby hair with a woman's eyes
I can feel you watching in the night
All alone with me and we're waiting for the sunlight
When I feel cold you warm me
And when I feel I can't go on, you come and hold me
It's you and me forever

Sara, smile
Smile awhile for me, Sara

If you feel like leaving you know you can go
But why don't you wait until tomorrow
And if you want to be free
You know all you got to do is say so
When you feel cold I'll warm you
And when feel you can't go on
I'll come and hold you
It's you and me forever

Sara, smile
Oh, won't you smile awhile for me, Sara
Sara, smile
Oh, won't you smile awhile, Sara

Smile awhile
Oh, won't you smile awhile for me, Sara
Oh, smile awhile
Won't you laugh, Sara
Thank you for making me feel like a man
Keeping me crazy, crazy
Smile awhile