From the recording I Got The Feeling

"I Got the Feelin'" is a funk song by James Brown. Released as a single in 1968, it reached #1 on the R&B chart and #6 on the pop chart.[1] It also appeared on a 1968 album of the same name.[2]
The Jackson 5 auditioned for Motown founder Berry Gordy in 1968 with a filmed performance of "I Got the Feelin'", with the ten-year-old Michael Jackson closely mimicking Brown's vocal style and dance moves.[3]
In 1986, the song was prominently featured in the third-season episode of The Cosby Show entitled "Golden Anniversary", with most of the cast performing a lip-synch routine led by a 16-year-old Malcolm-Jamal Warner.
A version of the song is featured in the musical Fela!.


I got the feelingBaby, babyI got the feeling
You don't know what you do to mePeople are heavy, down in miseryHey, yeah, alrightHey, hey, good Lord
I got the feeling, alright
Baby, baby, babyBaby, baby, babyBaby, baby, babyBaby, baby
I got the feeling, babyBaby, sometimes I'm upSometimes I'm downMy heart, I'm around the town
I'm level with the ground, babyI said level with the groundWell, baby, you treat me bad
No, no, I know no, you don't mean it nowSometimes, I roamBut I'll be coming back homeSometimes, I seem to be flyI just don't know when to say bye bye
Hey baby, babyI got that feeling, babyI have it, alright
Baby, baby, babyBaby, baby, babyBaby, baby, babyBaby, baby
Come on nowCome on nowOh, oh, oh, oh